Constant touch settings: ink fight, round 2!



After we posted Mike’s "Ink Fight", I had some e-mail conversation with him and he indicated something I never thought to share, but probably should have. One of his readers commented about the Samsung Q1 touchscreen utility and the feature called "Constant Touch". I knew of the feature but I don’t think I ever mentioned it, so if you’ve got a Samsung Q1, you’ll want to check this out.

In the above picture, I used Windows Journal at three different settings in the "Constant Touch" feature. You can see the obvious difference, but let me explain what I inked.

  • This is with the Constant Touch set at "6"
  • Here it is with the setting at 21
  • And here it is at "36"

I didn’t change my writing style, yet the ink with a lower Constant Touch setting is much clearer as the touchscreen appears to sample the inking at a greater degree. If you haven’t seen this setting yet, open up the Touchkit utility, click the Setting tab, and then the Option button. Enable Constant Touch and move the slider to where it best suits you to reduce the "jaggies" and to most accurately sample your inking.



Is there an improvement in the handwriting recognition with the smoother settings similar to what you would expect with an OCR program running on a document scanned at a higher resolution vs lower resolution?


Thanks for the tip…whoevers it was :)

I’ve set it to 1 on my i7210, and inking now performs much better.

Josh Bancroft

The one who posted that comment was none other than Brian from TinyPodcast! He knows way more about UMPCs and Tablet PCs than I do. I had no idea this setting even existed! :-)

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