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8K iTunes songs per month costs…1 fiancée

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At the 2004 Macworld San Francisco keynote, while recounting the success of the iTunes Music Store since its inception nine months ago, Steve Jobs noted that the top spender on iTunes had spent $29,500.

While reaction probably ranged from shock (‘Surely some kid just accidentally hit the Buy Song button thinking it was the preview button!’) to envy (‘I wish I made that much money in nine months’) to nerdy (‘How many tracks is that per day, assuming some are album purchases?’), very few probably thought ‘That guy’s fiancée will dump him when she finds out.’

But when Entertainment Weekly writer Dalton Ross asked readers of his blog to write in and nominate their most embarrassing DVD purchase, he got a response from a Susan P. who noted:

I used to wonder how my husband-to-be had more than 700 music CDs and more than 300 movie DVDs and hundreds and hundreds of record albums until I discovered that he had $43,000 in credit-card debt. In looking at his last bill (for one month) he had charged more than 8,000 iTunes at 99 cents each and had charges at places that sell music and movies, too. This guy made $45,000 a year. Called off the wedding.

Was Susan P. engaged to the mysterious “top iTunes spender” Steve Jobs noted in that 2004 keynote? Or are there two insane iTunes spenders out there? If Susan’s fiancé bought more than 8,000 iTunes songs every month, he would actually beat out mysterious keynote guy’s total in four months.

Or maybe it was Dalton Ross himself:

Fine, Susan! Can you get over it already? I told you, I’m working off the debt as fast as I can! If you think outing me in some lame Internet column is gonna help the situation, well, you’re just plain wrong, and that’s just plain mean. I thought we were past all this.

P.S. Will you take me back? Readers confess the embarrassing DVDs they own

37 Responses to “8K iTunes songs per month costs…1 fiancée”

  1. It’s priceless that most of you are buying into this article as news or fact.

    If the situation is true, he still got off cheaper with the iTMS bill, than with the fiancee bill. With the music you can turn it off when you are tired of listening to it.

  2. wouldnt you like to know...

    i dont what the big deal is, i spent that much on crack, got nothing to show but diminshing health, strained family relations, i have a friend with a bar bill for that much last year.

    at least he got something out of the deal.

  3. The English Gentleman

    This fella should just sell his story to the press, make a load o’ money off it. Pay his debts off and said his ex a thank you note for dumping him before he made an even bigger mistake in marrying her.

    You marry for love NOT money or the lack there of!

  4. Alfred Bachly

    While this guy might have made some bad decisions, I don’t think it’s fair to consider him a “doooch” or a “stupid nigga” for not getting his music illegally… this is similar to calling someone an idiot for buying an expensive car instead of just stealing one. I know there are those that disagree with this, but remember… it’s not the big-name artists you hurt by downloading music, it’s more likely to be their back-up hired vocals and instrumentalists that feel the blow (people that may barely be making enough money to live on).

    Q: “What’s the difference between a musician and a medium cheese pizza?”
    A: “The pizza feeds a family of four…”

  5. Species 8472

    Maybe it was the cheapest way he could think of to get rid of her. She might well look like the back end of a bus. Now he’s got shot AND got zillions of songs.

    Isn’t a macaroon a type of biscuit or cake? A maroon a colour or something that you shoot in the air as a warning? Just a thought.

  6. That’s really not a lot of music. I have 130 gb of music (mostly ripped to 192 cbr kbps) from CD and several thousands of vinyl records sitting on a shelf. 60 gb iPods are for weaklings.

  7. digitalplaid

    I thought I misread it at first too, until I went back and looked again. I haven’t heard that term used in years, but I think we should resurrect it. Thank god Mom was a gangster.


    1. A default moron.

    1. You can depend on Rob to act like a maroon when he gets on his soapbox.

  8. wow maroon is right! geez.
    oh but dont get me wrong, maroon is amazing when it comes in the right style sweater.
    i think the word you might have been looking for was moron. a coincidence that that word should be spelled incorrectly …

  9. 8000 songs, 3 minuts each (let’s face it, he cannot be a jazz fun, with 35 minutes tracks – jazz funs make anought money to cover that AND fiancee :)). Back to math – that will give us 24000 minutes of music.

    24000 by 31 days, that give us (double check) ~774 minutes, and that is 12.9h. What a geek, he must have bought all these songs just to have them