8K iTunes songs per month costs…1 fiancée

At the 2004 Macworld San Francisco keynote, while recounting the success of the iTunes Music Store since its inception nine months ago, Steve Jobs noted that the top spender on iTunes had spent $29,500.

While reaction probably ranged from shock (‘Surely some kid just accidentally hit the Buy Song button thinking it was the preview button!’) to envy (‘I wish I made that much money in nine months’) to nerdy (‘How many tracks is that per day, assuming some are album purchases?’), very few probably thought ‘That guy’s fiancée will dump him when she finds out.’

But when Entertainment Weekly writer Dalton Ross asked readers of his blog to write in and nominate their most embarrassing DVD purchase, he got a response from a Susan P. who noted:

I used to wonder how my husband-to-be had more than 700 music CDs and more than 300 movie DVDs and hundreds and hundreds of record albums until I discovered that he had $43,000 in credit-card debt. In looking at his last bill (for one month) he had charged more than 8,000 iTunes at 99 cents each and had charges at places that sell music and movies, too. This guy made $45,000 a year. Called off the wedding.

Was Susan P. engaged to the mysterious “top iTunes spender” Steve Jobs noted in that 2004 keynote? Or are there two insane iTunes spenders out there? If Susan’s fiancé bought more than 8,000 iTunes songs every month, he would actually beat out mysterious keynote guy’s total in four months.

Or maybe it was Dalton Ross himself:

Fine, Susan! Can you get over it already? I told you, I’m working off the debt as fast as I can! If you think outing me in some lame Internet column is gonna help the situation, well, you’re just plain wrong, and that’s just plain mean. I thought we were past all this.

P.S. Will you take me back?

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