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Update: I have opened the box, and set up the Zune and have played around with it for an hour or so. I need a few more hours to do an in depth review, but the initial reaction has been mixed. The device when it come to looks and usability is definitely though not quite as smooth as iPod, is still pretty intuitive. The software side of things, well that is another story. But need more time to make an honest assessment. More tomorrow!

Last night when I came home, Roy, doorman of our building, handed me a big brown box. It was from Microsoft, and my best guess was that it was the new Zune device. One of the last media folks to get hold of this device, I knew that I could wait till morning to open it, and perhaps give the new device a whirl.

This morning, however, the RSS reader is full of Zune negativity. CNN is beating up on the device, and well, it seems to be a bit of a PR mess. Not many (any) positive reviews out there about the device, which was supposed to outpod, iPod. Well, 53% of our readers did not think it had a prayer, but still I was going to wait and see how this device was going to turn out, and who knew like XBox 360 it could be a big November surprise.

It is now 10.09 AM and the box remains unopened. The reviews have soured me on the device already. Is there a point to another review of the device, given that the gigabytes of coverage already devoted to Zune? What do you think? Should I open the device, and give it a shot? I have a new Lenovo laptop sitting next to me, loaned by Lenovo people just for this specific review. (Now that laptop is seriously sweet, despite the WindowsXP!)



Should I write a commment? What do you think? I read so many negative comments today. Maybe I shouldn’t write about this. Om, oh, Om, … you such a cool guy by not opening the box! And thanks for remembering that Windows XP is so uncool.


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Your poll doesn’t seem to work when ActiveX is disabled. Not sure how much you care, but if you think usability is important, consider making it depend on Javascript only – or even plain (X)HTML.


After your initial post, I didn’t bother to read any of the GigaOM properties for a week. Why bother, when you would rather send me off to read other people’s reviews.

The fact that you updated this post and decided to do what your readers have been bitching asking you to do, brings back some value to your blog. Not as much as you lost, but every little bit will help you.


haha funny seeing people reacting to the new zune. great atmosphere for product launches i must say. go on and open it , mabe there will be a give a zune and get an ipod offer from apple soon .


I’d like to read a review by you. And if you could be one of the only people to tell me how it actually sounds, that would be great.


Stop this Om., Pl. stop giving this type of stupid updates..Just give your review once you have it. Don’t loosee your readers…


The dealbreaker for me is the vig. A percentage of every sale goes to Universal Music Group, whose CEO believes that anyone who downloads any song off the Internet is stealing money out of his pocket. UMG believes lawsuits against music lovers are a good thing for its business. I don’t want to give a backward-thinking organization like this one penny of my money.

Why haven’t the boys at Downhill Battle jumped on that, anyway?

Ted Avery

Om, it doesn’t matter who else reviewed it. We are here reading YOUR blog so YOU are the voice we obviously trust. Review it or don’t mention it at all.


GigaOM, please don’t become a prima donna. You’re still cool in my eyes. Review it as objectively as possible. Or send it back. Next time you won’t get a package from Microsoft. What a useless, smug, self-serving post, otherwise..

Shawn Oster

I love it! Finally someone that shows what happens when they don’t have parents always saying, “If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?”

What do you even contribute by posts like that except to drive traffic to your… oh damn, you got me, you could care less about the Zune either way, you just want to drive traffic and clicks so people can see all the ads.

Hey Om Malik, I just heard all the bloggers saying they were going to jump off a bridge…


Microsoft will triumph through the hubris of its doubters…as it has so many times before.

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