Vista Term Serv / Remote Desktop supports multi-monitor remote clients


Vista_logoGot more than one monitor on that remote desktop? Have no fear: Vista is here! Turns out that Vista’s Terminal Service/Remote Desktop Client supports a multi-monitor setup on the remote client, making for double the remote pleasure. You’re limited to a resolution of 4096×2048 but unless you plan to watch several HDTV recordings remotely at the same time, you should be covered. On the host side, you’ll see a ginormous desktop, which comes in pretty darn handy if you’re connecting to a NASA-like computing environment. I haven’t tried this yet, but you know me: it’s just a matter of time!

(via Windows Now)



Try it with a recent Vista build remote desktop client. You can connect it to XP and use the /span option to span multiple monitors. It works great.

mstsc /span

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