Skype 2.5 Beta for Mac available: even if you’re not Justin Long



I know we don’t get too many Mac folks here, but with the ability to run Windows via Parallels, here’s hoping. For the four of you that have visited via Safari: you might want to check out one of my favorite and most used programs, Skype. Seems that the Skype folks are trying hard to get the Mac version up to par with the Windows version (I can’t believe I just said that….Windows software better than Mac software?) and the beta of Skype 2.5 just hit the web.

You’ll get many of the features we’ve enjoyed on the Windows side, such as the ability to send SMS messages. The full change log and feature set is here, so if you’re interested, take a look. A personal thanks to all four of you that visited us today….unless you’re actually Justin Long and hit refresh three times, that is…

(via GigaOm)


Tax Man

I’m multi-denominational when it comes to computers. I have macs AND windows. I love them all! [posted from Safari]


I just came back from work, where (hum) I read that there were not so many safari user hitting this page! Once home I immediately turned on my mac an pointed my browser here!
Macs are good machines… no ultra-portable though (Steeve, wake up!)

Josh Bancroft

I’m in Firefox, but on a Mac. And actually, my UserAgent was set to IE6, to fake out a work website I was on earlier that forces you to use IE (but works just fine in Firefox). Let me switch back to my true colors real quick… :-)

There are probably more of us out there than you realize.

Thanks for the heads up!

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