Refurbished Samsung Q1’s at Woot!


Samsung_q1_9Now I know where tired old "Sammy’s" go at the end of their days: they go to Woot! for a refresh! Bob Russell from MobileRead tipped me off on the one-day deal: Woot! is kicking out these original Origami devices for $749.99 plus a $5 shipping charge. You’ll get a 90-day warranty on the originally spec’d Samsung Q1: 900 MHz Celeron, 512 MB of RAM (easily upgradeable to 1 Gigabyte), 7-inch touchscreen running 800 x 480 and….ah….I think we’ve covered the device enough in the past that you know the specs by heart. If you don’t, just click here to read everything we’ve ever written about the Samsung Q1. Happy Wooting and thanks Bob!


Peter James

I heard rumors that is going to offer this product or something similar soon on their site. They are another deal a day site like Woot but with a different twist.


Looks like it’s sold out, and they managed to off-load 2318 refurb’ed Q1s. A surprisingly high percentage bought two or three devices…

Anton P. Nym

I love how the screen is showing DOOM… then again, it’d work pretty well on a Q1.


— Steve

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