HTC UMPC in 2007?


Htc_logoWith only one word in the headline, would you like to buy a vowel? Seems our friendly neighborhood smartphone manufacturers are planning a jump into the UMPC market, which is fine by me. HTC is predominantly a phone manufacturer for Windows Mobile devices, but with Microsoft trending to lump Tablet PCs, UMPCs and Windows Mobile devices in to the "Mobile PC" class, this move by HTC was semi-expected. Additionally, HTC appears to be in cahoots with Via, so you C7 processor folks should be happy.

I think this could be the best UMPC development yet. HTC has long partnered with Microsoft on the Windows Mobile platform, so there’s a solid working relationship there. HTC also knows the ins and outs of cellular radio technologies, which could address one of the glaring integrated connectivity gaps in today’s Origami devices.

HTC, I say "welcome to the party" and I wish you luck. Oh, and if you need any beta testers, you know where to find us. Ironically, I use an HTC-based 3G phone (the Apache) for my UMPC’s connectivity…if that doesn’t warrant an offer to test the product, I don’t know what does! ;) And if you need a list of what folks want in "UMPC v.2", just check our reader’s comments.

(via Engadget)

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