Cingular eyes bank-by-phone


Cingular said it is testing mobile banking in a partnership with Atlanta-based startup Firethorn, and plans to launch a service early next year. The carrier is talking to banks — though hasn’t signed any up yet — for a service that would let customers view their accounts, transfer money and pay bills via cell phones.


Joseph Vajda

ROLLPAY – New Mobile Payment…

ROLLCOMM – Quick and Free Solutions for Everyday use with mobile phones and PDAs

Payment in a restaurant, information about goods in a store, internet access anywhere in the world, chatting with friends – this is all possible with a single mobile phone or PDA, quickly and for free, without costs and fees. These are the revolutionary new services of ROLLCOMM – – which offers a set of mobile phone-based services.

All the end-user has to do is download the appropriate software of ROLLCOMM to his/her mobile phone, which is available from the provider for free via the Terminals. The programs are available to almost all currently used mobile phones and PDAs.

To make the services available, ROLLCOMM’s partners install so-called ROLLCOMM Terminals to various busy spots, like recreational facilities, restaurants, malls. These terminals are able to simultaneously serve up to 19 customers, and of course it is possible to install several terminals to the same spot. Therefore while wandering in a mall, it is possible to pay the bill in a restaurant (ROLLPAY), buy a can of soda from a vending machine, check the emails, surf the net (ROLLNET), or chat with friends (ROLLCHAT) – all this with only a mobile phone. It is also possible to get some help to find a store within the mall (ROLLNAVI), or to get catalog-like information about the goods sold in the store (ROLLSHOW).

Since the payment is not connected to a bank card, or a mobile network operator (the financial institute is connected to the Terminals via a ROLLPAY Center), there are no additional costs of the payment, and communication is also free. It is quite similar with the surfing, the mobile phone or PDA – or even a laptop – can be used without paying a subscription fee or usage fee to the internet service provider, since the service is provided by ROLLCOMM partners. The ROLLPOP service offers the possibility of directly addressing the targeted consumers, who can decide whether s/he wants the information on the mobile phone.

The ROLLCOMM Terminals, custom-manufactured for ROLLCOMM, are able to utilize Bluetooth, Ethernet, WiFi, GSM, GPRS/3G technologies. –

Jesse Kopelman

Can’t you do this already if your bank has online banking and your phone has a decent browser? Telcos and their every application as a separate service philosophy, so tiresome . . .

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