Announcing Our EconSM Conference: April 26, Beverly Hilton in LA; New Conference Editorial Producer

imageWe finally have nailed down the date and venue for our first ContentNext conference. The “Economics of Social Media” (EconSM) conference will be held on April 26th in LA, at the Beverly Hilton. We are also very pleased to welcome our conference editorial producer: Jimmy Guterman, who has been contributing to our site for the last month or so. Getting to this stage from the initial conference announcement in September turned out to be difficult … finding the venue at the right date on the West Side of LA that could hold the number of people we wanted was the toughest but our events manager Claudia Casillas came through. (And, yes, good WiFi was a priority.)
Now that the logistical part is up and running, we can focus more intensely on the editorial format of the conference. Between the three of us, Jimmy, me and our exec editor Staci Kramer, we have attended countless conferences over the years, and have a fair idea of how we want our conference to be different: to start, we see every participant as a resource, not a spectator. We’re planning a balanced mix with conversation and interaction throughout, not just flowing down from the dais — though we will have our share of pace setters as well.
The social media field has been rapidly evolving and shows no signs of slowing down. The Google-YouTube deal is just a starting discussion point at EconSM.
As for Jimmy, a lot of you industry insiders already know him: he has been covering digital media since before Mosaic came out. He ran “Media Grok” for The Industry Standard (as well as the venture-backed “Media Unspun” after the Standard folded), has written many books, produced many records, and has edited many magazines and newsletters. Most recently he was editor and publisher of Forrester magazine. (You can find out more than you ever want to know about him at, and can contact him at jimmy AT
We will have our EconSm conference site and blog up and running soon (for now our EconSM category should have all the related posts and news about it). Meanwhile, if you have ideas, leave a comment here or e-mail us (EconSM AT and we’ll get the discussions started.
For the many of you who have already contacted us, we’ve been collecting — and using — your input; if we haven’t responded, you should hear from us soon.
Here’s to a social yet sustainable Social Media conference.
For some background on the conference theme, read our first two posts here.
Update: We’ve already made our first change based on your input — eagle-eye readers may notice the shorthand for the conference is now EconSM. Thanks, Alexa et al for pointing out the flaw in our first effort. (Changing the text was easy; we’ll fix the graphic later.)