AIM 6.0 debuts, just don’t call it Triton


Aim_6_0In the crowed Instant Messaging space, AOL’s IM (AIM) has reigned supreme, yet the IM client has often lagged behind smaller, more nimble product entries. AOL changes that today with the release of AIM 6.0, built heavily off of the AIM Triton platform introduced last year. AIM Triton and AIM v5.9 go away by year end as the Internet juggernaut will force users to upgrade. Normally, I’m not in favor of forced upgrades, but I might make an exception this time around simply due to the increased feature set.

AIM 6.0 brings in functionality that many other IM clients have already implemented such as offline messaging (up to 40 within a 24 hour period), 1,000 buddies in your Buddy List and message logging; something I rely heavily on. The new client is available now for Windows, but I don’t see any updates to the Mac or Linux clients.

Given that there are so many IM clients out there, not to mention the multi-platform clients such as GAIM, Miranda and Trillian, I was wondering something. We’ve previously asked which client you use and why, so instead, let’s pose a question of IM usage itself while you’re out and about. Do you use IM for work, fun or *gulp* not at all? I find it useful when I need it, but bothersome when I don’t; still, we can’t keep using e-mail for "instant" messaging, so I find it a necessary evil.


Aaron Walker

MSN Messenger for me. Easy, fast and quick, especially while inking messages to my none tablet pc friends.

I use it mostly for friends, even the ones who live just a few miles away when a phone call would have been used before.


I used to use IM a ton when I was younger and constantly chatting with friends. Now I rarely even sign on. When I do, it’s with Trillian.


Dave Zatz

I’m drowning in email, so I also use it as a necessary evil. This new version is bloatware — I’ve been running various versions of the beta for several months now. For awhile I appreciated the free XM music, but it’s just too slow and bulky and covered in ads. I’ve gotten over my aversion of sharing my password and have been using web-based IM via

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