Carrier’s Bad Mobile Browsing Experience


This is an opinion piece by a mobile journo about his experience browsing the mobile web… His main point is that carriers still make it too difficult to find content that he likes, and to refind content that he did like. Perhaps its better to say the carriers don’t make it easy enough, since we have to assume they don’t go out of their way to make it difficult. Still, he’s happy with the EV-DO network: “The bad news for wireless is that the speed companies are very good at delivering only ratchets up our expectations for the media experience, which they are notoriously poor at providing.”
An example of the poor user experience: “I am a little ticked at Sprint (NYSE: S) every time I load my browser because it is not letting me start up at a homepage filled with these bookmarks. Must I be two clicks away from the list of destinations I want rather than the ones Sprint wants me to want? This seems like a little thing, but it demonstrates to me how much my expectations from a mobile Web experience is now informed by my online experience”.
There’s also a hint for content providers: “Finally, it continues to be clear to me that alerting systems have to be part of the mobile content mix. A customized mobile home page will be a good start in reminding me of the mobile content brands I like, but the publishers who send me SMS messages with WAP links are the ones I am using most often.”

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