Windows Journal or Linux Gournal?

GournalAs I mentioned this morning, I’m again looking at Ubuntu to learn more about Linux, and for starters, I’ve got a multi-boot desktop going with XP, Vista RC2 and Ubuntu 6.10 just for kicks. Although I’ve got this Linux distro on my desktop client, I’m ultimately looking for ways to mobilize and Tabletize it. Previous attempts were half-hearted at best on my part, so hopefully I’ll have the time and effort to make it happen over the long term.

It’s simply amazing what you find when you start poking around in a different space. In my small bit of research just today, I stumbled upon Gournal, a Windows Journal type of application that could be very useful for a Linux-based Tablet PC. I’m sure Tracy Hooten will appreciate this as Windows Journal is her mainstay inking application these days.

Now Gournal doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of a OneNote, GoBinder or Evernote, but it does appear to be a solid ink note-taker, which goes a long way; just ask Tracy! There’s no handwriting recognition but that’s a non-issue to me: I’m typically the only person reading my notes, so I don’t need to translate my scrawl for anyone. The performance is optimized to only load pages as they’re viewed, so even if I end up writing a book in there, I’d expect the app to be snappy. Over time as I get more familiar and comfortable with Linux, I’ll try to migrate my environment to a Tablet PC with working touchscreen. In the meantime, if you’re ahead of me on the Linux curve (which should be easy), you might want to grab the Gournal package.


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