What do you use to take notes? Try Stikkit


stikkit online note storageWhat do you use to take notes? Are you bombarded with yellow sticky notes when you sit down at your desk? What about accessing that yellow sticky on your desk when you are on the other side of the country, or down the street at the cafe? Stikkit has you covered.

This extremely simple online note taker, takes writing notes to the next level. There are others out there, but I think Stikkit takes the cake on this one. When first entering the Stikkit system, users are presented with a clean and simple interface, the key to an easy to use online application that people actually want to use.

Stikkit is simple by no means however. Picture some kind of radioactive chemicalaccidentally getting dropped onto your pad of sticky notes. Ok, so Im exaggerating, but its a joy to use. Creating a new note is simple, just click on the New Stikkit icon, and type away. Stikkit is an intelligent application that also watches what you type.

Say for instance you type in that you have an appointment at 2pm at Starbucks to meet Joe on your note. That entry automatically gets dropped into your Stikkits calendar system, and displayed under a My Calendar tab. That goes for tasks too, they get dumped into the To-Do tab. Need a little help remembering some things, Stikkit has RSS integration, so you can feed your Stikkits into your favorite desktop reader to remind you whats going on in your life. I would love to see Stikkit send me an email when calendar items and task come up on their deadlines. Besides that, this is a great online note taker, that not only saves trees, but makes your notes accessible from anywhere.


Rael Dornfest

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the lovely writeup.

I just came across your article again and noticed your mention of wishing for reminders by email:

> I would love to see Stikkit send me an email when calendar items
> and task come up on their deadlines.

So I thought I’d drop in for a moment and mention that we do indeed have reminders–both by email and sms (if you’d like). If you’re interested in giving this feature a whirl, take a gander at:





Will check it out … I was just posting a note about Accomplice, which is a virtual assistant with note-sharing capabilities when I saw this. Thanks for the heads up.


It seems to work ok, but dates you post / create a note are always wrong at this time. I guessing that is something they are working on for future releases.

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