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The Zune Swoon

imageYes, I got them today..two of them, from MSFT/Edelman PR, to try out the sharing part. Am I excited about it? Let me put it this way: I am more excited about the device I took the picture of the Zunes from: A new Nokia N93, with a 3.2 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi and radio receiver built in, syncing with my calendar, 1 GB memory card…all I need now is a voice recorder for the story interviews that I do.
Zune is not just competing against the iPod, it is competing against all other devices which can store music, video and other digital media portable devices…and somehow the free connectedness of Wi-Fi is better than “psuedo social” connectedness of Zune.

One Response to “The Zune Swoon”

  1. i can only fathom what the mtv urge folks are thinking. that mtv would get into a contract that would allow microsoft to launch a competing service boggles the mind. maybe this is what the freston thing was all about! : )

    but it is 1.0 and i welcome and hope for competition in the marketplace. never thought i'd say this but cheers to microsoft for trying.