Tablet PC Edition on the Raon Digital Vega? Sure you can!


Raon_digital_vegaAn enterprising Handtops forum member must have watched one too many of my UMPC Vista videos because he’s got the bug too! When not beating up creepy-crawly’s, "Wormdrummer" is working hard on installing the Tablet Edition of Windows XP on that pint-sized portable, the Raon Digital Vega. Essentially, Wormdrummer has one of the smallest and lightest Tablet PCs out there, although I’m not sure I could effectively use the Tablet features on a 4.3-inch screen.

As with any "system mod", some things work well and some don’t. Rather than rehash it all, hop on over to the Handtops forums to hear the conversation and ask your own questions. Nice job!

(via Carrypad)



i’ve also installed tablet edition on the vega and also installed a sandisk 32GB SSD.

now i have a fanless and noiseless true pocket pc.

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