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Six Airlines Integrating iPods Into In-Flight Audio, Video Systems

Apple comes up with a “Zune Day” announcement designed to point out how much of the world the iPod already owns … Sometime in mid-2007, Air France, Continental, Delta, Emirates, KLM and United will start to integrate iPods into in-flight entertainment systems. They will add seat connections for charging and powering the devices, a service that should come in especially handy during long flights. In addition, those with video iPods will be able to watch their video library on the plane’s personal video screens, thus allowing people who currently watch on the small iPod screens or use their computers a practical alternative. Apple is also working with Panasonic Avionics to expand access to other airlines.
Of course, this also gives Apple a chance to remind people that it has a whole ecosystem (10 points to the person who figures out whether Bill Gates or Steve Jobs used the “e” word first) with more than 3,000 accessories and connectivity in more than 70 percent of 2007 U.S. cars.

One Response to “Six Airlines Integrating iPods Into In-Flight Audio, Video Systems”

  1. Tim Benjamin

    Two thoughts:

    1. Given Boeing's huge investment in the inflight broadband offering, Connexions, failed to achieve sufficient consumer take-up because passengers couldn't charge their laptops in coach class, I'm sceptical about the likelihood that power supplies are going to be rolled out for other devices.

    2. No one with a quality iPod or laptop screen will choose to watch their videos on the poor quality video screens found in aircraft.

    Both ideas are a nonesense – obviously a Zune spoiler.