Scrybe, a refresh

scrybeOur friends from Scrybe got a hold of us, and let me know that I was unaware of some interesting new features that were hidden deep in the confines of the online application. As I posted earlier, Scrybe is an online planning and organization tool, in the early stages of beta. I had received an invite to test it out, but was unaware of a few features that lay inside. Faizan Buzdar, the CEO and Co-Founder, got a hold of me and discussed the missing pieces.

One of the missing pieces that I was unable to find was PaperSync. This is a great option that is such a simple thing. I think Scrybe is the only one that is bringing this little piece of magic offline.PaperSync allows users to take their online calendars and reminders offline. Right click anywhere on the screen, and users can instantly print out a pocket, booklet, or classic printed calendar format. Its great to toss into any organizer, or pocket for easily reminding whats on for the day.

A big feature that I thought was missing was the Email and Cell Phone Reminders. Well, Faizon said that its active! A big new feature that is a must have. [I was unable to get into the Help section of their website to check out how this was accessible – it is still in beta remember.]

As for Importing and Sharing calendars, this will be part of the 3rd phase of the beta release. Sharing, and importing multiple ical and calendars will also be in place then.

What is Scrybe’s beta process? Scrybe assures us that this product will not be in beta forever, like a lot of Web 2.0 companies out there. They have a six to twelve month week plan. In this initial Phase one launch we saw Calendar, Power Lists, and Paper and Office Sync. Phase two will see the introduction of Thoughtpad, Bookmarklet, Integrations with calendar. When Phase three launches, Sharing, Syncing, and Import and Export Collaboration will be active.

When complete, Scrybe could be something Web Workers might not be able to get by without. Stay tuned to WebWorkerDaily for reviews of Scrybe as their phased betas roll out.


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