Use a Pocket PC to control a PC with PPC Tablet


Ppc_tablet_1Looking for a another way to control or provide input to your desktop, laptop, Tablet or UMPC? If you have a Pocket PC with PPC 2002 or better, you can use it with PPC Tablet. This interesting application installs on your PDA and acts as a human interface type of device. The latest version is available for $16 direct and there’s a 15-day trial version available as well. Here’s a list of supported plug-ins for controlling specific desktop apps:

  • Default Devices: This plug-in contains a touchpad, a tablet and a numeric keypad.
  • Display Feedback (NEW!): This plug-in contains a Display Feedback area and a touchpad. You can view the host computer screen directly on your Pocket PC, and send mouse movements and key strokes to it.The "hot" area (the area that is currently being viewed) will be surrounded by a blinking read rectangle.
  • Remote File System (NEW!): A plug-in that contains a remote file system browser. You can browse through the folders and files on the host computer, download the selected file to your Pocket PC, or execute it directly on the host computer.
  • iTunes: A plug-in designed for controlling iTunes.
  • Winamp: A plug-in designed for controlling Winamp.
  • Windows Media Player: A plug-in designed for controlling Windows Media Player.
  • Media Center PC: A plug-in designed for controlling Media Center PC. (This plug-in is an extra download)
  • PowerPoint Presentation: A plug-in designed for controlling PowerPoint.
  • Internet Explorer: A plug-in designed for navigating Internet Explorer web browser.
  • Firefox: A plug-in designed for navigating Firefox web browser.
  • WinTV: This plug-in provides a remote-control pad for WinTV and other programs.
  • Personal Data: This plug-in allows you to save personal data (like name, e-mail, phone, address) in the profile and replay it in other applications.
  • OneNote: A convenient plug-in to control Microsoft OneNote. (This plug-in is an extra download)
  • Document Viewer: This plug-in is designed for viewing documents.

    Overall, this looks like a slick way to turn a Pocket PC or Smartphone device into a mini-remote for your computer. If you’re interested in the app, Pocket PC Thoughts is giving five copies away in a contest that ends on November 20th, so hit them up for the easy entry requirements.

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