Lenovo drops the ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC for some ink loving

Lenovo X60The long awaited new ThinkPad Tablet PC from Lenovo has been announced today and information is flying about hot and heavy.  The ThinkPad X60 is a lovely device with a 12.1 inch screen, integrated WWAN, 802.11n MIMO, WiFi, PC Card slot and up to 120 GB hard drive.  Lenovo is upping the ante on the display front with a number of options available including a 1400 X 1050 hi-res version and a multi-touch version (XGA) that uses both pen and touch input.  The base Tablet PC weighs 3.77 pounds and is that familiar black ThinkPad style with a great keyboard.

The GottaBeMobile boys are all over the release of the X60 with not one but two videos up for grabs with a promised third video on the way shortly.  The first is an interview with Lenovo’s Mike Hagerty where he goes over the new models of the ThinkPad and the second is a Warner Crocker video overview of the X60 with the hi-res display option.  Both videos are top-notch and made me late for work today, way to go guys!  Dennis Rice will be releasing a video overview of the multi-touch screen which I can’t wait to see.


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