Cable Cellphone Services To Launch Soon; Comcast & Time Warner First

A year after announcing plans to jump into the mobile services game, the cable TV operators in partnership with Sprint, finally on the verge of launching their service, reports USAT. Comcast later this month will add wireless to its offerings in Boston and Portland, Ore.; 2 Time Warner, at about the same time, will add it in Austin and Raleigh, N.C….other JV partners Cox and Advance/Newhouse are still working on their rollout plans.
Since the idea is quad play/bundling, cable companies will require customers to buy at least one other service, such as broadband or video, before they can sign up for wireless. Cellphone pricing in the bundle hasn’t been set, but the companies say it will be competitive.
On content side: Comcast, which owns E! and other cable TV networks, plans to make video clips available on its phones, and so does Time Warner. They also have access to offer Sprint’s bundle of content services.
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