Boost Signs Up 40,0000 Users For Social Location Service

Reuters: Boost Mobile has signed a deal with start-up Loopt to launch a locator service for mobile phones, and claims it has signed about 40,000 customers in the first seven weeks of its free trial.
“The service ties satellite technology with software from start-up developer Loopt to enable users to find their friends’ locations on a phone screen map or disclose their own location to friends who are nearby…Loopt said it has addressed such safety concerns by confining the locator feature to people who already know the user and their cell phone number. Boost would also be able to identify any wrong-doers by their telephone number.” The service will be free until 2007, and then it will start costing $2.99 a month.
From the press release: The service “enables young mobile phone users to share their location, status messages, photos and other on-the-go experiences with friends from their Boost Mobile phone. Unlike other social location services, Boost loopt, available to all Boost users on November 20, automatically updates the location of everyone in a private network of Boost customers and displays that information directly on a map on the phone. Boost loopt even sends an alert when a friend in the network is near, putting an end to missed connections in the mall, at the movies or around town.” Loopt also plans to make it available across carriers, once it signs up other carriers.
To promote the service the two companies plan a promotion where people in New York using the service will “encounter approximately 130 random event invitations”, where they can win prizes including tickets to Knicks home games, consumer electronics, music, movies, and concerts.
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