15 must-have Firefox extensions: Download Squad


Down_them_allThat Jordan Running is da man over at Download Squad; in my WIN / AOL days I got to occasionally tip Jordan on cool stories and while I don’t get to do that much anymore, I do follow Jordan over at DLS. Not literally Jordan…that’s not me with the hat and sunglasses a mere 15-feet behind you…really. ;)

Jordan just got a new Windows install up and running, so he did the first logical thing there is to do: install Firefox, of course. Jordan took advantage of this time to prune and weed out his essential Firefox extensions, which I appreciate for a few reasons: there’s so many of ’em, I can’t keep up with ’em and also because I’m adding a third partition to my desktop (time for another look at Ubuntu, which means Firefox).

Jordan has a great list of his top-15 extensions, so if you live in the land of Mozilla, take a trip and visit Download Squad for the list. While I’m playing with Linux, be sure to tell me what extensions you think are missing in the comments below! Let’s be kind and not hold it against Jordan that GeckoTIP didn’t make the cut; we’ll get him using a Tablet PC one of these days!


John in Norway

Thanks for the link to Tab Mix Plus, Mickey. It looks like just what I need.

Mickey Segal

Try “Tab Mix Plus” for fixing the annoying tab-related behaviors in Firefox:

Of the 15 extensions listed, only two looked interesting enough for me to go to the Web pages. My other favorites besides “Tab Mix Plus”:

GeckoTIP: Use Firefox with pen input on a Tablet PC:

Grab And Drag: Drag Web pages with a pen on a Tablet PC:

Launchy: Launch a Web editor to edit a Web page, or launch other programs:

Kevin C. Tofel

John, I would never say a user is “being finnicky” for wanting an environment for the way they want to work. I’m betting there is a Firefox extension or customization for what you want BUT I wouldn’t want to push you away from Deepnet if that works for you. Heck, I left Firefox when the IE7 betas came out and I’ve stuck with that simply because it works for me…..

John in Norway

Unfortunately Kevin it’s not that easy. I’ve tried the various settings and none of them work for me. And using the right click isn’t any good either as I always forget that I have to do it. That’s the beauty of Deepnet, I have it set up so that I don’t have to right click, it just does what I want automatically.

Yes, I know I’m being finnicky, but that’s just me!

Dave Zatz

No list of extensions is complete without the Yahoo toolbar! I access (and sync) my addressbook and bookmarks across computers, browsers, and OSes. Priceless! Unless I lose my Internet connection and need to look up a phone number. ;)

I also use IE Tab and IE Tab Lite. Lite is a rewrite – no idea if it’s better or not, but they both seem to do the job. There’s a similar extension which uses the IE engine *within* a Firefox tab, but my mind is too small to handle that scenario.

Kevin C. Tofel

John, there’s two ways around this. As in IE7, if you right click a link you can choose to open that link in a new tab; it should open in the background by default and not take you to that new tab. In the Firefox preferences, you can configure this action as well. Look for the Tabs settings in Preferences. You can open links in a new tab, new window andor go to that new tab (or not, which is what you want).

John in Norway

As you may remember, I told you many months ago that I use Deepnet Explorer. I personally think it’s the best. However, I thought I’d give Firefox 2 a try. Unfortunatley it just annoys me. I’m so used to just clicking on a link and having it open as the next tab in line, in the background. I’ve spent a few hours trying to get Firefox to do the same thing but it won’t. Am I missing something?
I’ve given up using it (Firefox) because it really p****s me off when I forget that I’m in Firefox, click a link and the page I’m reading disappears!

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