Want a podcast? Just call it on your phone.


Old_cell_phoneSo you’re on a deserted island with your basic cell phone and there happens to be a working cellular tower there. [OK, don’t even say it…just go with it people….] You could call for help of course, but there’s no way anyone will get to you for hours, so what do you do? You listen to podcasts, of course.

Keep working with me folks, we’re almost there…..you say "How can you listen to podcasts on a basic cell phone?"….go ahead….I can’t type the rest until you say it. I’ll wait…..

Ah…I’m so glad you asked! All you need to do is call the podcast through either Fonpods or Podlinez, both of which TechCrunch has been reviewing. The idea of using voice minutes for a podcast isn’t very appealing to me, but in the wacky scenario above, I suppose I’d do it. Since the service works on any phone, you could use a landline as well (just not on a deserted island). If you’d give it a try, I recommend calling +1 (408) 538-2185 later today for a solid podcast on mobile technology. Just saying….

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