VCs spend half their time on online video?

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VCs spend how much time on online video? (via the Merc)

“I now spend about 60 percent of my time'” looking at video-related start-ups, said investor Mike Maples, who manages a $15 million microfund.

Venture capitalist Jim Breyer of Palo Alto-based Accel Partners, which has already made a number of bets on online video, is also focused on finding breakout video models. “Two years ago, I spent 20 percent of my time on the space. Today, I’d say I spend at least a third to a half of my time.”

Sounds like a pretty sweet job. (True that. Double true.) However, we’re not convinced upping the daily eyeball count constitutes a business model.

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Shouldn’t it be
“A VC who spends half HIS time on online video”, or even as an extreme, it could be “Some VCs spend over half their time on online video”

Because obviously this is not an epidemic in the entire VC community, as your headline suggests.

Hey, don’t blame me, just doing my bit to keep the writing standards high around here!

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