Touchscreen tip: one touch file actions

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Single_click_file_accessOur last "touchscreen tip" went over pretty well, so how about a follow up? Some UMPC owners like myself would prefer to single click a file or shortcut to open it, i.e.: the single tap acts as a double-click activation. I like this method because it reduces the number of clicks throughout the day. This functionality is included with the Origami TouchPack settings, but you too can be a "one click one-der" and here’s how.

  • Hop on in to Windows Explorer and click Tools in the menubar.
  • Select Folder Options.
  • Choose "Single Click to open items" and then click OK.

This is a standard Windows XP option that’s been around years before UMPCs, so you don’t need to be running the Tablet Edition of the OS. If you are running the Tablet Edition of XP on a touchscreen, the "point to select" feature is tricky: when you tap to point, you don’t select, you actually execute the "open" action. My workaround: tap elsewhere on the screen and without lifting your finger or stylus, drag the cursor to the item you want to select. If you then stop and hold, you’ll get the right-click menu without opening the item. Enjoy these tips? Let us know and we’ll rustle up some more….

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Here’s an idea. How about having a stylus with a slightly larger flat end at the opposite end of that normally used as the pointer (i.e. a sharp point one end and a flat point the other). I read that Vista can sense whether you are using your finger or not so the way that must be done is by issueing a seperate command to run when more areas of of the touch sensitive matrix are activated at the same time than that normally activated by the point of a stylus. If this is true then the flat point could be used to open files with one click (as well as a finger) whilst the normal sharper point of the stylus could be use regularly (i.e single tap and hold for the menu).

Also i can predict people perfecting the flip and tap technique. It would be great as part of an advertising campaign (Remember the samsung p510 phone that flipped open by itself. In the UK they managed to make a whole 20 sec TV advertisment of people dancing around and flipping open their phone so i’m sure for someone who’s inventive with advertising could do the same with this little technique ;-] )

Of course you don’t need the flat point on the stylus (as a finger would suffice), but it would be handy for us who hate getting our grubby paw prints all over the screen :-]

C’mon UMPC designers. Design me a double ended stylus !!!

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