Samsung planning a “thumb-sized” HSDPA USB modem


Franklin_3g_modemThis story about Samsung digital cameras with more functionality at SlashGear caught my eye this morning, but not for the reasons you might think. The article discusses how Samsung is trying to increase the appeal of digital shooters by adding faster ways to transfer images. Let’s face it: you can only add so much megapixel capacity, optics and "standard" photo features, so this isn’t surprising. However, there’s mention of a USB port on the newer models planned….again, not exactly fascinating. What goes IN that USB port is what got my mobile juices flowing….

The "USB dongle is a thumb-sized portable modem" statement from the source article is something I’d like to see here in the states for a few reasons. First off, the dongle is for the HSDPA network, promising speedy downloads and more than respectable uploads too. Secondly, the current USB 3G modems (example shown) are fairly bulky, so something that’s "thumb-sized" is more appealing to me for a UMPC or other notebook. Then again, they’re not saying whose thumb they’re using as a comparison…. ;)

There’s no specific product announcement here and the HSDPA support mentioned is for SK Telecom, the largest wireless provider in Korea. Still, just the mention for a powerful, yet small accessory is a good sign.

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