Samsung i607 preview: BlackJack or Bust?

Samsung_blackjack_i607PhoneScoop has the Samsung i607 Windows Mobile smartphone in the lab and they’ve got an awesome preview of this device. Thin like the Dash and Q, the BlackJack as it’s known runs the Smartphone edition of WM 5 and includes the AKU3 update. It has a similar QWERTY keyboard as sibling i320 as shown (photo from PhoneScoop), but adds support for HSDPA high-speed access on Cingular’s network. The Music ID functionality looks wild as well; hold the phone up to a stereo that’s playing a song and in a few seconds, the BlackJack will identify the song. Of course a phone is only as good as its ability to pull in a signal and I think this quote sums it up: "This isn’t just one of the performances from a smartphone, it’s one of the best performances from any GSM phone."

You’ll have to check out the article to see what test PhoneScoop was talking about; after reading this preview, I’d say "Hit me" with the BlackJack if I were a Cingular customer.


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