Pocket PC- put your Today Screen on a diet


Microsoft_Windows_Mobile_logoOne of the coolest features of the Windows Mobile Pocket PC is the Today Screen, along with all the fun and productive plug-ins that you can get from third party developers.  Oh sure, the plug-ins that Microsoft provides with the Windows Mobile OS are functional but rather bland to look at compared to some of the third-part offerings.  It’s a lot of fun to spice up the Today screen, there are weather plug-ins, PIM plug-ins, music player plug-ins, and just about anything else you can think of to put there.  I like to have information available on the Today Screen on my XV6700 so right after I bought it I loaded it up with a weather plug-in, a full-blown PIM plug-in, a program launcher, and a music player.  My screen was really the bomb and had all this useful information showing all the time.

XV6700Over time I began to feel that my Pocket PC was slowing down, from the time it took to reset to the time it took to react to an action on my part.  It was running sluggishly and as I thought back on it I couldn’t put my finger on exactly when I noticed it, even subconsciously.  It’s like it slowed down gradually over time so today I really looked at it and decided to do something about it.  I disabled all the fancy plug-ins and turned on the default Windows Mobile ones, Calendar, Tasks, and Messaging.  Wow, what a difference!  The XV6700 simply flies now and everything happens instantaneously, just like when it was turned on for the first time.  And the time it takes to do a soft reset on the device has dropped from over a minute and a half to 40 seconds!  It feels like someone gave me a new Pocket PC to play with, and that’s a good thing.  It’s so fast I have uninstalled ALL my old plug-ins.

So I would challenge anybody who owns a Windows Mobile Pocket PC to do the same thing I did and run your device for a few days using just the WM plug-ins.  You’ll be amazed how slow your device has become and you didn’t even realize it.  It’s nice having all that information displayed with your fance plug-ins but try going cold turkey like I have and see if it’s worth the price you pay.



You’re so right. Only plugin I use on Today’s screen is SPB Plus launcher. That one doesn’t seem to affect the performance much and its usefulness outweighs possible slight slow down. But I disabled and uninstalled all other plugins. I also dropped third party PIMs such as Pocket Informant. WM built-in PIMs are lacking in features, but they’re working for me and I enjoy faster access to information.

Colin Walker

I totally agree, I tend to run my today screen very lean although I’ve currently got the Windows Live beta on which – you guessed it – slows things down a bit.

Not only do I find that plug-ins slow things down but they make my screen too cluttered for my liking. Some of the 3rd party plug-ins can look pretty messy and disorganised.


I could not agree more. I run my MDA with the bare minimum and have experienced the same results. Sometimes less is better!


Not to bash Windows Mobile but my palm os pda takes 4 seconds to reset and never slows down however many apps and pluggins I install.

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