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Lycos Hopes Two Web Trends Add Up To (Another) New Start

Remember Lycos? Early search engine; Barry Diller wanted to buy it and failed (although Diller’s Ask does provide the site’s paid listings now); a Spanish ISP did buy it and unloaded it at a 90 percent loss; it owned Web 1.0 stalwarts Wired News and Suck for a time. Now part of Daum, the Korean portal, Lycos is taking another shot at the web big time by launching a social movie service. The mashup of social networking and online video is meant to create what Lycos COO Brian Kalinowski told Reuters would be a “virtual living room.” The press release says the Windows-only service is built on “proprietary technology,” which appears to be a combination of Flash and Microsoft’s Media Player (although it looks like you have to downgrade from version 11 to 10 for Media Player to work, not a good sign for a service that aspires to the cutting edge). If the service takes off, chances are it will be because Lycos was able to license movies beyond the initial batch: Munich Mambo, also available on Google Video for a mere $2.99, isn’t a foundation for the next YouTube. It might not even be the next Mystery Science Theater 3000, the TV show it emulates.