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iPod owners are thieves

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Each day I’m more and more baffled by how stupid big label executives are. I’m really starting to believe they want to go out of business.

In a recent news article on there was a blurb about how Microsoft has agreed to share revenue from the sales of it’s Zune player with record labels and artists. The main company really pushing this was Universal Music Group, which at this point is the only label that is listed to receive revenue shares from Zune sales. UMG refused to license any of it’s music to be played on Zune unless unless it could receive a percentage of each device sold, in addition to standard music licensing fees for downloads and subscriptions.

UMG’s reasoning behind this?

“These devices are just repositories for stolen music, and they all know it,” UMG chairman/CEO Doug Morris says. “So it’s time to get paid for it.”

What? Did you really just say that? How ignorant can a person be? This guy is so blinded by his own greed that he’s convinced himself there’s not an honest person left on earth. I’m literally insulted. My current iTunes library has 3,317 completely legal songs in it. I don’t steal. And for him to imply that all music listeners are thieves really is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard.

34 Responses to “iPod owners are thieves”

  1. They are absolutely insane, with an online store like iTunes you take away the distribution part of the music, so it actually cost’s less(for them) to sell via an online store, and now they are complaining about it and demand more money?

    macdaddy1, that’s the best idea ever, yeah you pay for the zune which has a higher price because of the illegal music you will put in it.
    So you actually paid to play illegal music on it, Brilliant!!!

    Oh and to everyone blaming m$ for this, it’s hardly their idea, it was probably a proposition “if you don’t pay us you don’t sell us”.

    Also consider that apple has a contract for iTunes with the same companies, so it will not be long before they demand for a part of iPods profits.

  2. macdaddy1

    I will now buy a Zune because all of the music I have been stealing by downloading online will be covered by the de facto license Microsoft and Universal created when they added the license surcharge onto the cost of the Zune.

    I figure I’m getting off cheap as I think I have in excess of 20,000 songs, all downloaded, all free and all covered!

    What’s better than that?

    Thank you Microsoft and Universal for giving me a guilt free, honorable way to continue adding to my collection all the while insuring that the artists are being completely compensated for all of their hard work, time and trouble.

  3. The one thing I can’t understand is the music business is pulling in more sales for artist then ever before and paying them less.

    All because an iTunes user can then hear the music they bought immediately. Putting companies like Tower Records out of business. After all do you really what to wait a week to listen to an album if you buy it online.

    Yet with all this new found money Record Companies still complain.

    The reason music stores never worked is because most of the time Buying an album of a new artist that you might like was like finding a needle throw a hay stack.

    At least with iTunes you can hear 30 sec. of the track to even consider it to find what you might like.

    I think the record companies are getting very greedy.

    I recently joined Itunes 6 mo.’s ago I put it off because I was scared I might BUY to much and I was right. I checked my credit card the other day to find I have spent close to $3000 in music, TV shows, and Movies in that time. Otherwise I would have never spent that money. I am sure this is the case with most users and all Legal as far AS I know. I bought a product and I received one. Does it really mater what format?

    And if you are an audiophile you are only going to buy the DVD Audio or SACD version later to hear the full sound on your home Sound Equipment you spent a fortune to get.

    I think the real reason this Record Companies are scared is that it will be easer for new and existing artist to release there own stuff throw this new mediums and the record companies don’t ever won’t a new artiest to have a taste of the money that can be made with out the labels controlling them.

    If this happens everyone will get on board the truth is it is already happening.

    After All you still can’t buy music that is available on iTunes in other countries but not ours. Which is a lot of foreign music that is in other languages and current and allot of it is good. Just another control facet of the music industry for moneys sake of greed.

    This is just my rant of how disconnected companies are from reality.

  4. 12937 songs. All legal. I guess Doug Morris doesn’t want my money.

    This attempt to monetize every aspect of media is really offputting. I relish the day when I can give my money directly to the artists. Because, at this point, the labels add literally *nothing* of value to the process. Music, given a channel, can market itself.

  5. This morning, I had an idea on how to react civilly to this sort of idocity; break up with your favorite band.

    I will be going through UMG’s stable of labels and artists to compile a list of the artists that I genuinely like and respect. I will be composing a letter to them expressing my regret that, although I enjoy their music, I will no longer patronize their art or their label. I will explain that it’s not them, it’s their “daddy” that’s the problem. I will be clear to let them know that it’s the business practices of their parent label that is costing them both their livelyhood and fans. Though they don’t really hold any weight with UMG, if enough of them jump ship (not likely) or complain (more likely), perhaps we can get that moron to wake up.

    Then, and this is the hard part, I will actually delete or destroy all copies of their music. Lots of us online talk big about “I’m never going to XXXX ever again.” or “I will purge my collection of all ill-gotten music.” But do we ever? Nah. Not really.

    Mr. Morris will get exactly what he wants here, none of his music will be on my iPod. I hope he’s happy.

    I’ll post this letter to my blog when it’s done so any one else who wants to do the same thing can.

  6. Let’s face it the guy is probably someone who just doesn’t understand the technology (and isn’t get a cut in the massive boom of portable players), therefore he is just plain scared and needs to verbally lash out!

    Like many others I haven’t bought a cd for years, but thanks to ITunes and other sites like Warp Records I am able to not have to go into a packed cd store and blind pick a cd I might not even like…VIVA LA DIGITAL AGE!!

  7. What about ripping tunes from CD’s that you already bought legally, just like making tapes for the car? No one thought that people who made car tapes were thieves… it escapes me how just owning and using an iPod makes you a “thief”.

  8. The recording industry tried this in Canada. A $25 tax was placed on MP3 players. After a few years and a number of complaints, it was determined to be unconstitutional and the money was returned to consumers. You should prbably be contacting your elected officials.

  9. Did not a well-known executive from Microsoft make a similar statement regarding iPod owners a few years back? It’s no wonder MS and UMG are in cahoots. They’re like peas in a pod. I wonder how MS will feel once hackers start going after their DRM to circumvent the wireless sharing? And how will the labels feel once the platform is not secure… once it is revealed that yes, Zune users are thieves, too? Off topic, sorry… :)

  10. I’ve downloaded music that I didn’t own before. I haven’t since the early days of mp3s, I think around ’96.

    I haven’t bought a CD since 98. But I buy an album or two a month generally.

    Where’s all my stolen music?

  11. if you take into account that the ipod has a market share of approx. 70%

    …you have a statement that criminalizes 70% of music listeners with portable devices. Not bad, that’s what i call generalization.

  12. It seems, the content industry is the only one, that actually wants to get rid of it’s customers criminal users.

    This guy is not clueless; no, he’s offensive to and insulting people who bought portable devices and music.

    On the other hand, with all his dumbness, he makes it easier for us consumers criminals, to decide what music to buy: Before the music industry completely snapped out, it was important, if the music was actually good. Nowadays, it’s also an important factor, what label music is released from. So it’s quite easy to stay away from the ones infected with completely insane management.

    I wish someone would sue that guy for that crap…

  13. That kind of quote shouldn’t really surprise anyone. The major labels are absolutely clueless as to how to deal with their current audience. They missed the boat years ago and have desperately tried to catch up, but are unable to. Wrong business models, attacks on their own customers, corporate greed, really, really bad management. You name it, and if it’s negative, they’ve got it.

    Although I don’t like to see it happen, major labels are on the way out. Dinosaurs that just haven’t noticed yet that a meteor has already destroyed their environment and taken away the air to breathe.

    If it wasn’t such a sad show, it might almost be funny.

  14. Todd Baur

    He’s absolutely right. I am a thief and I’m sorry I was born with my eardrums working perfectly. I wish I couldn’t listen to music so I didn’t feel so dirty appreciating the effort artists put into creating something touching.

    Oh wait, the iPod does more than music. So if I put pictures of my family on there, does that make them thieves too?

  15. I don’t know about anyone else. But I’m certainly going to be a LOT less inclined to purchase any music released by Universal, or any of their shell labels. Not that I’ll be more inclinced to pirate, mind you. Any artist who chooses to ally themselves with such narrow-mindedness doesn’t deserve to have me as a consumer, let alone a fan.

  16. I wonder if they have their terms mixed up. They are the thiefs in my eyes, charging so much was poor storied movies and taking millions in for little entertainment barely fit for the mass.

    So we are thiefs? Who cares what you or MS thinks. Judging from the millions of people who are turning away from movies and Microsoft, I can understand your desperate measures but can’t justify your haughtiness.

    Then again, this would explain that deal, especially with Microsoft who is desperatly fighting looming irrelevancy.

    What shoddy business models…

  17. Absolutely absurd. I just can’t believe that any one person could be so deluded as Doug Morris. He really believes that every single person out there is trying to steal from him and that they need to be stopped at any cost. Unbelievable.