Lightning strikes twice thanks to PC Mag and Dave Zatz


Pc_mag_1I consider myself very lucky. I get to interact with dozens of jkOTR readers every day and share my thoughts with thousands of our readers daily. Through all of this I get to work with James; a talented writer and good friend. Last year, James provided me the support and drive to get my first print article published, which was an amazing experience. Who thought that lightning would strike twice? Lucky for me, it did.

This time around, I was blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with Dave Zatz. Dave is a frequent commenter here and runs what is arguably one of the most insightful and fun to read blogs on DVR topics, called Zatz Not Funny (oh but it is funny Dave!). Dave and I worked together on a print article that you’ll see in the December 5th issue of PC Magazine, which is thrilling; it simply doesn’t get bigger than PC Magazine. OK, an Oprah appearance might be bigger, but the Harpo folks weren’t interested…go figure! ;)

Just to illustrate Dave’s good nature, he invited me to work with him on this article even though he was more than capable of authoring it on his own. He’s a talented writer who not only let me share in the work and the spoils, but he even drove up from the Washington, D.C. area to my home in the Philadelphia region for a day so we could crank out the article. (Well, that and to watch some college football in high-def on a 60-inch 1080p set.) Dave did all of this when he could have simply done it himself….

The digital edition of the PC Magazine issue is now available if you subscribe via Zinio like I do. If not, expect to see us on pages 107 through 112 in next week’s issue that’s devoted to HDTV; if the article is published on-line, we’ll provide a link next week. Our article shows you the simple and inexpensive steps it takes to receive and watch HDTV over the air on your home PC. I hope you enjoy it….and thanks Dave!



You guys are so cute! Seriously, great job guys and I can’t wait to read what I know will be a great article. You may even get me into the world of HDTV. Heaven knows Kevin has tried hard enough. :)

Dave Zatz

It was a lot of fun and is very exciting! But I think we’ll have to fight it out over who feels more appreciative of the other. :)

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