Lifehacker: Placeless Office Tools

Lifehacker editor Gina Trapani posts on her favorite “placeless office” tools: Campfire, MediaWiki, Gmail, Google Calendar, Wists/, Google Docs. They are fairly specific to running a blog, but it’s a good roundup for anyone trying to coordinate a virtual company. For example:

Once a week the four of us gather in a Campfire chat room to discuss our evil plans for internet domination. Campfire beats a group instant messenger chat a bunch of ways: there’s no figuring out who uses AIM and who uses Yahoo! Messenger, no chance of our other IM buddies interrupting our interaction, there’s an archive of transcripts sorted by day and participant stored in one central place, plus Campfire lets us communicate right inside our favorite desktop app, the web browser. Not to mention Campfire makes sharing links and broadcasting files a breeze without having to go “Did you get my AIM file transfer? No? It’s not going through? Ok, try hitting Accept again… What client are you using?”

At GigaOM we don’t have quite such an organized regimen of tools, though every once in a while we try to get organized. Each of us has our own personal favorite calendar or email tool, so for us it’s essential that everything is exportable and compatible…which is often a challenge.


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