jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #26: Hands on with the FlyBook V33i



Watch jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #26 here (WMV format, 640 x 480, 216 MB, 39:00 minutes)

For our QVGA little-friends, we have a 320 x 240 version coming soon.

Icon_128x128_1After spending two weeks with the Dialogue FlyBook V33i on loan from iCube, we figured it as time to share the experience with a video review. Topics we cover:

  • Complete walk around of the device
  • The excellent case
  • Using the integrated WWAN capabilities for phone calls and Internet
  • Comparing a native 1024 x 600 screen to a non-native screen, i.e.: the Q1
  • FlyBook Control Center
  • Keyboard usage and thoughts
  • Mouse / joystick controls
  • Alternatives to the Tablet PC OS and applications
  • Touchscreen vectoring demonstration; how well does the V33i deal with palm rejection?
  • Overall specs and final thoughts
  • Stay tuned after the credits for a special "short feature".

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Please note:  This video is in WMV format so it will not show up nor play in iTunes.  You will have to use another podcatcher or download the show direct to view.



Hey, Kev, great review!

Ive actually owned a flybook now for about 2 years. And I must say that I love the little guy, even though he is starting to look a bit beat up.

I also really love the mouse on this device. I actually never saw you hold it like i usually do. I hold it alot like one holds the oqo and press the buttons with my thumbs. This is a very stable way to hold the laptop while walking around.

Wow, i didnt know about all the spec upgrades tho. The new video card looks like a welcome change as well as up to one gig of ram. Ive tried sticking a gig stick in mine, but the older flybooks dont like that…

Another thing that I love about the flybook is that it is a very sturdy laptop. I figured that the swivel would wear out, but so far it still works great. Also, this laptop has servived an amazing amount of drops, though one drop did fry the hardrive, since it was spinning at the time. Another time, I droped it while it was in the case (mine is thinner and made out of a stretchy rubbery material) from about 3 feet directly on its left edge. After a couple tense moments, i descovered that the hardrive connection had come undone. But i was able to push it back into place just fine.

I do have a couple questions about the extended battery. Can you get it in red? Also, could we maybe see a picture of how it fits with the screen closed?

Anyway, great review….

Kevin C. Tofel

Steve, Muliadi is correct; when you start comparing a loaded P1610 with a FlyBook the price difference starts to decrease. Additionally, you do get the integated WWAN capabilities. Is that worth the extra money? That’s up to each individual and their needs. I have a 3G phone that can be used as an EV-DO modem, so for me, the integated feature might not be as compelling, but it all depends on what functionality you’re looking for.

I did install Vista on a separate partition of the FlyBook, but I couldn’t find Vista compatible touchscreen drivers, so Vista did not recognize the FlyBook as a Tablet PC. Bear in mind that I had the same issues with the Samsung Q1 but after research (and trial & error), I eventually got it working. I didn’t cover Vista in the review because I felt it would have been unjust to the device, which isn’t technically specified as “Vista Ready” or “Vista Capable”. However, with the right drivers, I would expect this unit to perform very well in Vista as a Tablet PC. The abundance of RAM, plus the Pentium M and ATI graphics indicate that it would do well with the right drivers.

Muliadi Jeo

Actually for the top of the line comparison (1G RAM and 100G on Flybook and 80G on Fujitsu), they are about $500 different price. So hopefully the easy hard drive upgrade (using the regular 2.5 inches notebook hard drive), built-in EDGE, TV output and ATI video card can justify the price a bit. Especially we will throw in free extended battery $279 value and 2% discount for all JKonTheRun reader ;)

I personally found the use of regular 2.5 inches hard drive on Flybook makes it very attractive actually. We know that hard drive speed is frequently the bottle neck the performance of subnotebooks. With Flybook, you can easily upgrade it with either 5400rpm or even 7200rom hard drive to it.

And with installing Vista, that should put back the Tablet functionalities that are missing. Right Kevin?


What if I installed Vista tablet edition an a Flybook? Would I have a tablet pc?



Nice video. You forgot to mention the price for the Flybook. The following information comes directly from I-cube’s website.

Flybook V22i – (XP Home, Celeron 600Mhz, 40GB, 512MB RAM)- US$ 2499.

Flybook V33i – (XP Pro, Pentium M 1.1Ghz, 40GB, 512MB RAM)- US$ 2799.

Flybook V33i/SP – (XP Pro, Pentium M 1.1Ghz, 100GB, 1G RAM)- US$ 2999.

Given that the new Fujitsu 1600 has a similar feature set, costs $1,000 less and includes the Tablet PC recognition engine, what’s the compelling reason for buying this unit? Am I missing something?


Kevin C. Tofel

Thanks for the kind words Dean; we’re trying to provide various options for the videos (VGA and QVGA, for example) as well as putting them on YouTube for folks who would rather stream them that way. For YouTube’rs, we’re slowly putting our whole archive of videos up at: http://youtube.com/jkontherun Thanks!

Dean Frain

Outstanding as usual! The Godfathers of Mobiletec reign supreme. I really appreciate that you make these downloadable files, because like a lot of your fans/readers I have my 2 children and my wife always dragging me away from what i am doing at a moments notice. I also Like to encode all your video casts to my jasjar and watch when i am out or in the field. If like some have suggested you upload these to your tube or in flash than I and many would never be abie to enjoy and learn from them. Simply because niether flash or your tube will work when i am on the rd with my pocket pc and no way of a constant internet connection. Besides the main reason I like the downlaods as oppsed to putting video on your tube ect is you can watch them over and over again (with out internet connection and play issues.

I have just got a new oqo and really appreciated that I could return to the JK on the run video review that I have now stored on my sd card. There is a reason why both James and you Kevin get mentioned more times in online forums than anyone else.. and its because you are the best at what you do…

kind regards



sorry James…. the file is not linked at your site, and iTunes only has up to version #21 (dated 7/2006)

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