Greatest high school running back ever!

McGuffie hurdleHigh school football is a very big thing in Texas and our local high school has been absolutely thrilling to watch this season.  My stepson, Michael Castillo, is the starting center for the Cy-Fair Bobcats something we are very proud of in my household.  The Bobcats have been thrilling to watch this year due to a very special player on the team, Junior running back Sam McGuffie.  Sam may only be a junior but he is the most incredible running back I have ever seen at any level of the game, high school, college or professional.  McGuffie turned in such a fantastic performance at last week’s game that even though I rarely post about non-tech topics I just had to mention it.  Sam is one of the top-ranked running backs in the entire state of Texas and the performance last week punctuated that ranking.  Sam rushed for 275 yards and 5 touchdowns in the first quarter!  He finished the game with over 300 yards and 7 touchdowns, something you will usually never see in your lifetime.  The most incredible play of the game involved a touchdown run the likes of which I have never seen before so I knew it was only a matter of time before it would appear on YouTube, and here it is.  Watch this guy hurdle a 6’2” linebacker who is standing upright and appreciate the talent this guy has.  Now watch it from a different angle and look how helpless the defensive back was as he truly didn’t understand where Sam went!  Then search YouTube for all the various clips of McGuffie taken over the season and you will understand why college recruiters are already all over this guy.  With one game left to go in the regular season Sam has rushed for almost 2,000 yards and he may set a record tonight in the last game.


Go Cy-Fair Bobcats!

UPDATE:  I almost forgot- if you want to see a great drumline check out the Cy-Fair band drumline.  They go down to the sidelines during every game and they are so good they get the whole grandstands rocking.


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