Friday’s question: what do you want in UMPC v.2?

Football_1Yesterday’s question from Todd "Why did you pick the Q1 over other UMPCs?" generated a bunch of great feedback! Let’s take it a step further and have you join in the conversation too. To make it easier, I wanted to focus on the second half of my answer. I listed several device attributes I’d have to see in a version 2 UMPC to make me drop Sammy and move to another device. What would it take for you? What compelling new feature or design change would it take for you to drop your current notebook, Tablet or UMPC for a "next gen" UMPC?

I expect we’ll see many of the same feature requests (longer battery life, keyboard, etc….), but really give this some thought. I’m certain that with our collective thinking caps, we can come up with something really different that could help UMPC manufacturers and Microsoft in the next wave of devices. Don’t forget that Vista is just around the corner, so if there’s a  UI change you’d like to see, I’d say now is the time! Let’s show the Origami Team and OEMs what we want!


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