Friday’s question: what do you want in UMPC v.2?


Football_1Yesterday’s question from Todd "Why did you pick the Q1 over other UMPCs?" generated a bunch of great feedback! Let’s take it a step further and have you join in the conversation too. To make it easier, I wanted to focus on the second half of my answer. I listed several device attributes I’d have to see in a version 2 UMPC to make me drop Sammy and move to another device. What would it take for you? What compelling new feature or design change would it take for you to drop your current notebook, Tablet or UMPC for a "next gen" UMPC?

I expect we’ll see many of the same feature requests (longer battery life, keyboard, etc….), but really give this some thought. I’m certain that with our collective thinking caps, we can come up with something really different that could help UMPC manufacturers and Microsoft in the next wave of devices. Don’t forget that Vista is just around the corner, so if there’s a  UI change you’d like to see, I’d say now is the time! Let’s show the Origami Team and OEMs what we want!



PCMCIA Card slot
Waccom style pressure sensitive touchscreen
Higher res (as always)
Longer battery life (as always)

And I would be a happy camper!!!


For me it would be:

Screen resolution needs to be at least 1024 x 800 (so current apps can work properly without too much horizontal scrolling)

longer lasting battery life (fuel cell maybe…) 7 hour minimum

Keyboard (I really can’t use this thing for programming without one and i refuse to carry around external components like web cams, keyboards, backup batteries, SD/MMC WiFi adapters… The most i want to carry is the device itself either in my pocket or in a case that fits to my belt)

If the above is met then i will purchase one the day it is released. the following would be pretty cool too which i don’t see in current modals:

Instant on feature for jotting in contacts, notes (standby mode uses up too much power at present imho)

Cory Smith

The UMPC needs three things to make it bust out. 1. larger standard hard drive. 2. DirectX 9 graphics compatible chip possibly on a removable card to upgrade. 3. Internal media burner/drive my suggestion would be a 80mm DVD ala PSP with ability to burn, would be great for games, movies, media content etc.

Would also like a theme for windows that is designed for finger touch screen use, bigger buttons etc.

white and nerdy

an OLED display (instead of LCD) to reduce battery consumption.

5+ hour standard battery

foldout keyboard. or at least a detachable wireless keyboard – included with said UMPC.

64GB Solid State Disks!

3 USB ports. 1 firewire.

a true joystick and mouse pointer.

Audio line input

FM tuner. FM transmitter. Satellite radio. Maybe a Sirius UMPC?

DVR functionality like the Archos AV500.

New marketing name. no more UMPC. how about MMP. (Mobile Media Player)

More color selections. A red MMP?

2 webcams ala sony ux

docking station that contains not only vga out but line outs and ins from a video source or tv.

dual core cpu

improved AVS NOW functionality. or just wmp 11 that works like avs now.


John in Norway

There are only three things I’d like to see improved on my Q1, then I’d certainly upgrade:

Outdoor usable screen
Anti palm thingy
Better built in stylus


I actually want a keyboard. Sure, I rarely use mine, but they come in handy for dual-boot situations, remote administration and command prompt stuff. If the P1610 came with the UMPC extras, I’d be in trouble; financial trouble, that is!

Evan Easton

Actually, the idea for different volume when you plug in your headphones is a great one. If I use my eo 7210 for anything through the tiny speaker, I have to crank it way up. If I put on regular, passive head phones, I need to put the master volume to about 10% and then adjust the wave volume or the media apps volume down further. If I plug into my car’s aux input (line level), I need the master volume at or below 40% before clipping distortion goes away. It’s all too crazy and complicated.

Ed C

Higher default resolution, Lots of user-configurable buttons to customize, Trackpoint (mouse stick)& buttons, Light-duty ruggedization (Like a silicone shell for more fearless usage), Slick-er voice command capabilities (have a conversation with Hal), Better home and car docking solutions (grab & go), ubiquitous connectivity (like EVDO)!
I’m sure there’s more but those jump immediately to mind


Good questions and answers all! What would I like to see in a mobile device?

ExpressCard slot for EV-DO. I don’t want integrated as I want to be able to use my existing plan. I don’t mind a little bit sticking out of the device.

Vista. I don’t care about Aero glass but I want Vista.

Bigger hard drive. This could be a flash drive but I want 80 GB or more so I can take my entire music collection with me.

Slick audio controls- when I plug my headphones in I want the device to automatically lower the volume and vice versa. I want to be able to control the media player without turning on the device, a la the sideshow.

I want a true joystick and mouse buttons on the front.

Screen rotation- this is a must and the hardware controls on the front MUST rotate along with the screen.

Firewire port- to interact with digital video cameras.

1024×600 native resolution with an 8+” screen.

Dashboard application that pulls all the pertinent Outlook and media player controls onto one screen, fingertip controls, please. User configurable.

Web cam for Skype usage.

Triple array microphone for serious audio recording.

A dock.

A real stylus.

Fantastic audio speakers (a la Q1).

Integrated stand (multi-angle).

Adaptable interface. It should learn that when I open say IE7 and Onfolio that I always rotate the screen, switch to low res, switch IE to full screen mode, etc. Over time I should never have to change the configuration for every day tasks. It should allow different configurations depending on if a keyboard is attached or not, and if it detects a mouse or not.

This should do for a start.


In it’s current incarnation going forward I would like to see:
– Active digitizer dopes! :) Do you even realize how many artists are passing on this thing as a result of this over site. I understand the reason’s for not including it, but I honestly think the market would be exponentially increased as a result.
– Thinner profile
– Hybrid flash drive for instant hibernation and resume. I think the newest Samsung Q1 has this..not sure.

Tax Man (aka Bill)

I just think it would be so cool to be able to plug a USB stick tuner into the Q1 and watch TV. Doesn’t the Korean version of the Q1 (“Q1-san”) have the DBTV tuner with antenna? I want that in a North American version

Evan Easton

Sometimes new, innovative ideas are not what we need. We just need the current job to be finished properly. With that in mind, I’ll give the boring answers:
– less buggy drivers that work well with standby/hibernate
– longer battery life
– support for ink everywhere, or at least in more places
– bigger, faster drives

And NO KEYBOARDs! Perhaps having them will increase the size of the market, but it’s damned cool not having to use one.

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