Etiquette in the workplace

Etiquette is the secret social code that hovers over our social behavior. Etiquette usually both prescribes and restricts the way that people interact with each other. It’s a way for people to show their respect, and refrain from any “bad” behaviors like insults. Etiquette reaches over everything we do in our lives from eating, to listening to loud music. Different cultures also have their own set of standards from etiquette that can range from the way one greets another, showing emotions in public, and taking the last piece of food, among many others.

WebWorkerDaily reader nndl20 poses this question:
What are the trends in today’s workplace etiquette?

What about Etiquette in the workplace? and for the web based worker that works from home? Is it any different than the standard set of etiquette rules? Are there other rules that apply to just business? What are your views on this?


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