Digital magazines on a stick


Zinio_u3Most readers know I’m a huge fan of reading digital content, i.e.: books and magazines. Just to put my reading obsession habit in perspective: I worked for five years in a library (by choice!) and I read approximately 500 pages of novels / books weekly. About three years ago, I went all digital with my books and magazines, with just a few exceptions. Today, I was l looking at my Zinio reader app on the Q1 and hit up Zinio’s main page to check something; when I did, I noticed the pic shown to the right.

Hmmm… magazines on a stick? I like the idea because I can carry a small USB flash drive that contains both the Zinio reader software and my digital magazine content. If I’m on the road and have access to another PC or don’t want to use my UMPC battery, I can plug the USB drive in and have access to all of my content. It’s a great use for U3 USB drive…thought to pass it along. OK, gotta go read now…..

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