Buy a Flybook and get a free battery!


Flybook_main_2Kevin Tofel is evaluating a Dialogue Flybook that was graciously supplied by our friends at iCube and a little birdy told me he will have a video review of the mini-notebook real soon now.  I was just told of a sweet deal for jkOnTheRun readers who buy a Flybook at iCube.  Just input the phrase “JKOTR_FLY01” in the comments section when you purchase a new Flybook and just for being a jkOnTheRun reader iCube will include an extended battery totally free!  Oh, you’ll get a 2% discount, too.  This code works for both the 40 GB and 100 GB models.  Thanks iCube for supporting our readers!



I agree — too pricey, I got a Fujitsu P1540 for about half Flybook

Michael Venini

I’m not sure but this seems just a tad expensive

Flybook V33i – (XP Pro, Pentium M 1.1Ghz, 40GB, 512MB RAM)
US$ 2799

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