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Amp’d Offers Music Bundles

Wireless Week: Amp’d has launched some new music bundles…which has been a long time coming. The initial bundles consist of “more than 30 selections from various record labels, including Universal, Warner Music Group and EMI Music”. Warner, at least, has been planning this for a while. The offerings also include some artists that recorded exclusive tracks in Amp’d’s in-house production studio, which is pretty much necessary since the drawcard for Amp’d is exclusive content.
“The “Studio Sessions” program features two to three live, full-audio track recordings; a live “mastertone” recording; exclusive behind-the-scenes interview footage; and a wallpaper of the artist’s album cover artwork. Customers will pay $3.99 or $4.99, depending on the “Studio Sessions” package…The “Double Up Music Packs” offers an original recording full-audio track and an associated “mastertone” recording for $2.49.”
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