Samsung’s S-SIMTM: SIM on the outside, 1 GB of memory on the inside

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S_simSamsung figures there must be people with over a million contacts on their phone, so why not put a Gigabyte of storage capacity in a SIM card? Ah, we’re just kiddin’ on the contacts, but it’s the real deal for the gig of storage. Samsung didn’t provide many details in terms of availability and there’s no mention of any phone carriers offering this super-SIM just yet either. Still, cramming a bunch of storage in a card your GSM phone already needs is an innovative move. I’m sure the fact that Samsung is a world leader in flash memory production has absolutely nothing to do with this product. ;)

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Chris Fleming

This may be useful for two reasons, at the moment if you pay to download content and it’s stored on your phone when you change phones you loose your content. However if you store content on the SIM, if you change phones and keep the sim, then you can keep your content.

It’s also worth noting that with the Java SIM technology it’s becoming possible to run applications on the SIM…

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