Great Samsung Q1 story and big shout out to CDW


Adam is a frequent visitor to jkOnTheRun and he sent me an email detailing some cool stuff about his Samsung Q1 along with a big shout out to online vendor CDW. We are often quick to complain about vendors when things don’t go as planned so I thought it fitting to acknowledge one when things go oh so right.  Here’s Adam:

Hey James, Adam here from Cleveland and I thought you might be interested in this story.


Its because of your site that I went with the Q1, even though I owned plenty of other tablets. I, like you, wanted this small form factor for years! Three weeks ago my new baby arrived! It was all you said and more!


I got it all loaded and was using it in my business as the main computer. Well, last Friday, I have no idea why, it died. There was antivirus on it. I had downloaded some software and  was using IE7 , but it just died.


I called Microsoft and Samsung, and it was a failure of the hard drive. Samsung said I could send it in and they would fix it.


I decided to wait until Monday and call my account rep at CDW where I got it. They are wonderful! They overnighted me one out Monday and I got it Tuesday! THAT is service.


Sammy is back!

You might want to do a shout out to CDW!

Keep up the good work.


I have purchased numerous items from CDW and I must echo Adam’s sentiments– they have always been first-rate for service and attention so kudos to the folks at CDW!



Ditto. My corporate rep at CDW has been nothing less than spectacular.

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