Disney By The Numbers: Nearly 500,000 Movies Sold On iTunes; Nearly 19 Million Episodes On ABC.com

Disney CEO Bob Iger updated some of its online content delivery stats during Thursday’s earnings call. The numbers are current as of this week:
— ABC.com: So far this fall users have requested more than 19 million episodes of the six series being shown on ABC.com 24 hours after airing on the network.

— iTunes: Nearly 500,000 movies have been sold since Disney became the first movie provider on iTunes. (Iger said earlier that more than 125,000 were sold in the first few days.) About 12 million ABC shows have been sold on iTunes since the launch in October 2005 or an average of roughly 1 million a month.

— DisneyChannel.com: Since June, 53 million episodes and shorts (the number does not include interstitials) have been played at DisneyChannel.com. in the last quarter, Disney posted its “highest ever” ratings for total day and prime time with kids 6-11 and tweens 9-14. Iger: the numbers show “that TV viewing and web use can reinforce rather than cannibalize each other when you have a terrific product. ”

— ESPN: The move of Monday Night Football to ESPN is sending traffic to ESPN.com with an average of more than 27 million page views per game day.

Side note: Since I’ve railed about the misuse of terms like “watched” or “viewed” when it comes to streaming video, it’s only fair to note the care Disney took today to be more precise. Disney is also being more careful about differentiating between streams and episodes.

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