Another Q1 extended battery and car mount


Mugen_7800Ultranauts has pics of new third-party accessories for the Samsung Q1 in your life. Aside from a standard replacement battery (same capacity as the original), there’s an extended battery coming soon from Unifirm (Mugen). Based on the limited specs, it appears to be a 7800 mAh, 9-cell capacity, so my best guess is that you’d get at least 5 hours from this battery. I’m basing that on the approximate two-hour run time of the Samsung OEM battery which is a 2600 mAh, 3-cell battery; the extended batt has three times the capacity, so you could even see three times the battery life. I personally couldn’t use an extended battery with the bottom bump (see the back of the black unit shown). I often use the Q1 with the 20-degree stand for inking and I suspect that the battery bump would negate the angle, making the Q1 flat. Keep that mind if you’re a heavy inker with the Q1 on a flat surface.

There are also some pics of a Samsung Q1 car mount, but this looks to be the one we’ve previously seen; hard to tell, but if you want a Q1 on your dashboard, you’ll want to check this out.


Anton P. Nym

I too have the 6-cell from Samsung Parts, and I get more than 5 hours of battery life on my use pattern (which is about half that time with the Wi-Fi and BT radios off, and at 1-2 “bars” of screen brightness) and have a short review of how it’s changed my use of the Q1 about half-written.

It does affect the 80 degree angle stand a bit, but not enough to make it awkward. The effect on the 20 degree stand is too small to notice.

I definitely like having the extended battery; between it and the standard one, I’m down from charging daily to two charges a week for each with no reduction in use.

— Steve

Kevin C. Tofel

Ken, I suspect you have the 6-cell battery from Samsung that I just eye-spied for $165 direct. Looks like that one extends the battery in a different direction and would not impact the 20-degree stand. A battery with a bump in the back of the battery wouldn’t work, so this is good to know. Thanks!

ken siegel


I have been using the extended battery that I got from Samsung Parts several months ago. It gets about 4.5 hours of battery life using it on maximum performance for the battery. It does not affect the 20 degree stand at all. You can still use either of the stands and it has not affect on the angle.

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