Another Q1 extended battery and car mount

Mugen_7800Ultranauts has pics of new third-party accessories for the Samsung Q1 in your life. Aside from a standard replacement battery (same capacity as the original), there’s an extended battery coming soon from Unifirm (Mugen). Based on the limited specs, it appears to be a 7800 mAh, 9-cell capacity, so my best guess is that you’d get at least 5 hours from this battery. I’m basing that on the approximate two-hour run time of the Samsung OEM battery which is a 2600 mAh, 3-cell battery; the extended batt has three times the capacity, so you could even see three times the battery life. I personally couldn’t use an extended battery with the bottom bump (see the back of the black unit shown). I often use the Q1 with the 20-degree stand for inking and I suspect that the battery bump would negate the angle, making the Q1 flat. Keep that mind if you’re a heavy inker with the Q1 on a flat surface.

There are also some pics of a Samsung Q1 car mount, but this looks to be the one we’ve previously seen; hard to tell, but if you want a Q1 on your dashboard, you’ll want to check this out.


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