Wikipedia is a top ten site now

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Wikipedia is now a top ten most visited site as measured by unique visitors according to comScore Networks. This is first for the site. According to October 2006 data, the page views growth was solid at certain large sites. Yahoo had a 4% gain (month over month), Fox Interactive was up 9% while Google ramped up 10%. The big climber: Facebook – page views were up around 32% month over month. The information comes via a research note released this morning by UBS Research

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I am hooked to Wikipedia and the way the site is growing could be termed as one of the cornerstone acheivement in the history of Internet. I wonder when will the Wikipedia grace the cover of Time Magazine as You tube just did in such a short time. Wikipedia definitely has a significant effect and I am looking forward when these two technologies join hand and make available the best video lectures on the internet. I think You Tube is a fantastic vehicle to acheive this. All we need is bunch of students ready to shot the video for their friends and people around the world to benefit.

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