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@ Web 2.0: Ross Levinsohn, President, Fox Interactive

Ross Levinsohn, the head of Fox Interactive, did a Q&A at Web 2.0.
GoogTube: It was the right deal for YouTube and interesting tool for Google….it would have been a fun process to watch, had we participated in it. I think it is going to successful. We wouldn’t have been able to participate at the price that came down.
Google CEO’s visit afterwards: It was pretty genuine of Eric Schmidt and others to come down….we have put our deal up with Google in beta across a few areas just two days ago.
MySpace deal: We are in a frenzy and it is a really hard business. It is slogging every single day of my life. That’s why we have all our attention on MySpace.
Traffic on MySpace: It is a seasonal dip…most sites are down from August to September. We added 320K yesterday, so the growth is still phenomenal. 38 billion pageviews.
Acquisitions: We are looking for more acquisitions…if you are not looking, you are not doing your job. To me this is the greatest time to be in media business.
— A feature does not make a company, and we have a lot of great features out there…if you are building a feature, you should sell it. If you are building a next Google, you should not sell it.
— Brad Greenspan: Life’s too short…