Skype 3.0 beta available, complete with “party line” chat rooms


Skype_chatOn my "must install" list for every computing device I own is Skype. It keeps me connected via voice and video with everyone I need to stay in touch with on a daily basis and while not perfect, it does keep getting better and better. I can’t say if the new beta version is "better" just yet as I’ve only installed it just now, but if you’re the adventurous type of rascal like me, you can go grab the beta of Skype 3.0 here. A partial list of the change log shows some interesting changes:

  • known issue: call quality in video call can be low
  • known issue: http/socks proxy connections do not work
  • feature: Public chatrooms (see pic of live chatrooms after I installed)
  • feature: Extras Manager
  • feature: Sound Settings Widget
  • feature: API: MENU_ITEM and EVENT objects
  • change: UI redesigned
  • change: Improved Video device detection
  • During installation, there’s a prompt to include an IE add on to call phone numbers on a web-page with just one click, which is interesting:


    Numbers will appear with a gray bar around them on a web-page…click and SkypeOut. Oh and the Queen Victoria Pub doesn’t deliver to my area; I ordered a few pints and some hot wings…no dice.

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