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Dash_expressGPS is great, but the one issue with most systems is that they can’t account for traffic conditions. There are a few exceptions, but by and large, traffic can really put a damper on your satellite-assisted commute. Enter the Dash Express with a very social approach to the issue: traffic data sharing!

The Dash Express comes preloaded with historical traffic data and includes three integrated radios: GPS, GPRS and WiFi. We all know what the GPS is for, but why have GPRS and WiFi? Here’s where the Dash Express is farther down the road than competitors: the unit can connect to the Internet AND can communicate with Dash units owned by other players in the "get there as quickly as you can" game. That’s right: other commuters with a Dash will be providing your Dash with traffic info relevant to your position so that a quick re-route can be made. You’ll never know which poor sap stuck in traffic helped you out, which I think is a real shame; I wouldn’t mind buying the confined commuter a cup o’ joe as a thanks.

Just today we received a press release with some exciting new info; the full PR follows the jump, but the summary is is that Dash is partnering with Inrix for even more real-time data. Inrix offers GPS data from over 625,000 vehicles, helping your Dash get you to your destination in a….dash.


Dash Navigation Selects Inrix as Traffic Information Partner

Industry’s First Internet-connected Auto Navigation Device Uses Inrix’s Data to Provide Consumers with the Most Accurate Traffic Flow Information Available

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and KIRKLAND, Wash.- Nov. 8, 2006­­ – Dash Navigation(TM), Inc. and Inrix, Inc. today announced that Dash will use real-time traffic flow data from Inrix in its Dash Express(TM) product, the industry’s first Internet-connected auto navigation device. Dash will use the Inrix data, which includes GPS-based probe data from more than 625,000 vehicles, to enhance its own Dash Network Traffic(TM) data, which is collected from the network of Dash devices that automatically report traffic conditions along their routes. By adding the Inrix information to its own data, Dash Express will offer consumers the most comprehensive traffic flow information and the most accurate forecasted travel times available in the industry today. 

Unveiled recently at DEMOfall, and scheduled for availability in California in early 2007 and nationwide by summer of 2007, Dash Express will be the first auto navigation device that leverages two-way connectivity and the network of other Dash devices to provide consumers with the best routes based on current traffic conditions. As a result of the partnership with Inrix, each Dash Express device will come pre-programmed with traffic flow information – speeds on freeways and select highways – in 43 major U.S. metropolitan markets. Dash Express will be the only product of its kind that calculates routes based on real-time and historical traffic information. This means that the Dash Express won’t just route drivers based on speed limits, it will take into account the factors that affect the speed – time of day, commute and construction – as well as information from other Dash devices on the road.

"Inrix’s traffic data ensures that even the first Dash Express user in each city will receive the industry’s most accurate traffic and arrival time information," said Dash Chief Executive Officer Paul Lego.  "Of course, as new Dash drivers come onboard, more information is added to the Dash traffic network, improving the user experience for everyone."

"Dash has developed the most innovative in-car navigation solution we’ve seen to help drivers dynamically reroute around traffic and leverage traffic information to save valuable time in their daily lives," said Inrix President & Chief Executive Officer Bryan Mistele. "We’re thrilled at our collaboration and expect that the unique and user-friendly Dash Express will be a hit among consumers."

Inrix is able to provide the broadest market coverage and most accurate traffic data to Dash through its unique Smart Dust Network, aggregating traffic information from over 625,000 GPS-enabled commercial vehicles and from multiple private and public sources of traditional traffic sensor data.

About Dash Navigation, Inc.
Dash Navigation connects people to the information that empowers them in their cars. The company is located in Mountain View, Calif. and is funded by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Sequoia Capital, and Skymoon Ventures. For more information, visit Dash Navigation at

About Inrix, Inc.
Inrix is the leading provider of accurate real-time and predictive traffic information nationwide, providing industry partners and customers with the highest quality data and broadest coverage available for personal navigation, mapping, and other location-based service applications in the car, online and on mobile devices. Inrix offers real-time incident data for 130 markets through its partnership with Clear Channel Total Traffic Network. To experience the traffic technology revolution behind the next generation of navigation and location-based service applications, visit

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