Pzizz is the perfect example of the kind of applications I love to see on my Mac. No wait, it’s the perfect example of applications I expect to see on my Mac. Aside from having a cool trendy name full of ‘z’ that even a french citizen can pronounce without being mocked by native english speakers, pzizz does one thing and does it really well. Even better, pzizz is original and that’s pretty uncommon in today’s software world, crowded with RSS readers and photo-something applications.

According to its authors, pzizz is a personal life coaching system. I heartily disagree with them. Actually, I heartily disagree with their whole web site, which presents pzizz as some sort of a magical-hippie-therapy that can increase your energy levels, contain your ulcers and basically make you live longer. I won’t mock pzizz web site any longer because I really do like this application, which I would not usually say upfront in a review but you might get the wrong impression otherwise. Besides, what I think about the web site content is very personal, so feel free to disagree.

Pzizz is simply a nap helper. That’s all there is to it. You need or want a good nap? Just fire up pzizz, hit a couple of buttons, lean back, relax and enjoy. Those naps are called energizer naps in pzizz and can be used sometime in the day to get a nice kickback and get back to word in a more efficient mood.

Naps, as generated by pzizz, are soundtracks of 20 minutes mixing calm ambient sounds, like the wind wooshing in some eucalyptus foliage or just pleasing tones. A very friendly voice also gives you advice on what to do to get an enjoyable and relaxing nap.

The very simple user interface lets you create a new randomly-generated nap by clicking on one button. The other two buttons are simply used to play and stop the soundtrack. As far as usability goes, it hardly gets any better than that.

Pzizz allows you to generate your own nap profiles. A separated dialog lets you change various settings for your naps, like the total run time, the sound volume of the music and the voice, and so on. If you bought the sleep module, you can also generate sleep soundtracks. Similar to nap soundtracks, those help you get to sleep more easily.

I do use pzizz from time to time and I must admit that despite all the gobbledygook of the web site, it’s a nice way to go to sleep or get a quick and relaxing nap. I suffer from sleep troubles from time to time and it’s hard for me to get to sleep, even when I’m dead tired. Every time, pzizz helped me quite efficiently. The secret behind it is mostly about what the voice tells you to do, which you can easily do with “self-hypnothism” (by relaxing your muscles one by one and thinking about safe and friendly stuff.) Yet, an external help doesn’t hurt.

I also used pzizz several times during the day. On a bright sunny day, I would just lie in the grass outside the building and take a quick nap after lunch. Pzizz makes that very easy by letting you export the generated soundtracks either directly into iTunes, or as simple files you can load into your favorite portable MP3 player.

Unfortunately, pzizz suffers from one major drawback, it’s price. The software and its energizer module, that is the basic configuration, cost a whopping $40. And the additional sleep module can be downloaded for another $20. If you are interested in such a piece of software, I can only urge you to go to the downloads page and grab the free 20 minutes energizer soundtrack. This should give you a fair idea of what pzizz can generate and whether or not it does help you take a nap anytime during the day.


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