Now NTP wants a piece of Palm


You remember NTP, the company that almost drove RIM to the brink of extinction which would have driven all those Crackberry owners into the realm of deep, dark depression.  They are the company that sued RIM for patent infringement claiming that they invented the push email concept.  RIM survived by paying NTP gobs of cash as court after court sided with NTP in the drawn out battle.

NTP is back in the news as they have slapped Palm with a similar lawsuit, claiming that Palm’s smartphones (including the Treo) violate seven of NTP’s patents.  NTP patented the sending and receiving of email over radio frequencies, something they defended successfully against RIM so I won’t be surprised if they are successful against Palm.  Could this be the final straw for Palm?



Anton P. Nym

I guess I’ll have to sue NTP for infringing upon my patented “dubious patent lawsuits to extort a bunch of fat settlements” business plan.

I’m starting to think that US patent law needs to introduce the concept of “nuisance patents” and find ways to restrict them.

— Steve


> NTP patented the sending and receiving of email over radio frequencies

Uhhh, are they going to sue the makers of EVDO data cards next? Or, due to bigger pockets, are they going to go straight after the likes of Sprint and Verizon?

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