MacBook gets the Core 2 Duo. What’s next?


Macbook_1Finally, the wait is over. We’ve spent about a year watching the entire Apple computing line move to Intel processors and the last transition is over with the MacBooks running the Intel Core 2 Duo. $1,099 for a base MacBook with Core 2 Duo is compelling, although I just spec’d one out that I’d love for around $1,390: I stepped the CPU up to 2.0 GHz, bumped the RAM to 1 GB and added Parallels software for XP / Vista applications. Unfortunately, that package will sit abandoned in my shopping cart until I can scrape up the dough.

While I’m waiting for my budget committee to approve funding, I have to wonder: what’s next for the Apple computing platform? We’ve seen several processor updates as well as virtual support for Windows, but seriously: where do we go from here with Apple computers? I honestly don’t have a thought or clue at this point (other than Apple inviting themselves into my living room), but I’ll be thinking it through for a later post. Meanwhile, I’d love to hear where you think Apple goes next…bonus points to me for not using the words "Apple" and "Tablet" in the same sentence. Oh bummer…I just did.



Here’s what’s coming…..a 8 Core MacPro. Apple will quickly put 2 4 core intel chips in the Mac Pro.

Tax Man

Hey Kevin,

Being a Mac fanboy, this was a big day. I actually purchased a base model MacBook nearly 2 weeks ago from the local Apple store. I saw the announcement about the upgrade and called to confirm my local Apple store had them in stock. I deleted all my stuff from the less-than-2-week-old MacBook and returned it for a new C2D one. Yay!!! Better, I found out that for about $100 more than the $1199 I paid for the old base model with 1GB RAM, I could get the mid-level. I’m very pleased that for once I was on the right side of the upgrade crapshoot. This was a great computer even before the upgrade. I think you’ll be really happy with a MacBook if you go that route. I just encountered one hiccup. I tried to transfer my HD image of my parallels install to the new MacBook and it wants me to reactivate Windows (I guess it noticed that new C2D process…oops!).

Mickey Segal

After 8 years Apple should have gotten over the trauma of the Newton. Now that they have refreshed their existing computers with chips that can be put in a small form factor without starting a fire, and now that they have honed their skills at making small devices like the ipod, it is time for a device that everyone recognizes islate.

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